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  • Nandini Sengupta

I Am

A rippling sensation in my heart,a deep sense of incompleteness, where words go missing into the periphery of endless memories, keeps coming back to me.A void within me makes me helpless, numb and hollow. My thoughts provoke me to write,yet I am at loss for words when I actually strive to do so.

I find myself a dreamer in this quagmire of surreal human existence.I want to be free--to have freedom of thought, speech and actions. I don't want to be answerable everytime. My thoughts shouldn't be questioned, my actions not to be doubted. My words should set me free.................

Keeping my mind in it's true place, I venture to start expressing myself through letters, forming unique sounds. I hope you love and enjoy them, in all its flavours. Keep experimenting........

@ Nandini Sengupta

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Jan 19, 2020



Jan 16, 2020

Looking Forward For The VIEW Where all Missing Parts get Kissed By Various Flavours Which will Indeed Transform The Emptyness To 'Plenty'ness 😊 ✌


Jan 16, 2020

Very Nice...Wonderful

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