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  • Nandini Sengupta

A letter for Him

An excerpt from a letter written for her love with love:

The moment you smeared me with your colors of love, I was no more me. As your lips rubbed against my naked vulnerable frame, my water-blurred vision rolled down into my ears. The nameless soul that looked for you so long, couldn't believe your presence. All my life I have kept loving you and you. So many complaints, unfinished disputes, and every thought spent accusing you, melted into that moment when I looked into your eyes so full of love and numbing pain.

May this night never end, may the scent of my tresses falling on your face, make you forget the passing time; the hand touching the edge of my lips and neck, keep caressing me forever.

Let me tell you how I spent the days without you, how I have missed your deep loving voice, your words seeping into my very being, kept reverberating in your absence, how annoyed I was with you for leaving me, how I wanted to hold you so tight.

I wish I could pause this moment forever, eternally in your embrace, where all my aches will dissolve into nothingness...

{She left this letter on his table while he was still asleep.}

*An imaginary piece borne out of momentary trance. Stay tuned for the remaining letters.

By Nandini Sengupta


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