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  • Nandini Sengupta

Cobalt love

those blue lanes

the crazy me

went on to weave

an unrealistic dream

spun out of the void

that very day crossed

my mind today

the day i waited for you

near those blue houses

by the narrow lanes

and then you would

come out of nowhere

we would hold hands

the warmth that

lingered even when

i went to sleep

dreaming of you

in my dreams too

the steep steps of the jhalra

would scare me off

you held me tight

close by your side

felt our oneness

in that moment

today it rained again

like that very day

we had no umbrella

waiting under a

drooping tree for

the rain to stop

silly me, didn't understand

that was our last day


i still dream of you

still weaving dreams

of you in my dream

the blue houses still

stand there

many of them have

lost their colors

people aspired to new hues

that blue has turned old

silly me, still pass a glance

whenever I cross

by those lanes of

diminishing blue houses

lest you stand there

waiting for me


i lose taking note of...

By Nandini Sengupta


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