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  • Nandini Sengupta

Of Autumn journals

The leaves fall in abandon

in total mirth and subjugation,

colliding with the topography

of the uneven earth;

for it knows within, it must fall-

fall with the purpose of

rising high with the wind,

dancing its way to freedom,

of finding new land,

a place where its

mustard and crippled edges

will find some respite,

its purpose well served.

The lady in those red heels

tossing her cares by the path,

cobbled and uneven

she nearly skips forth;

those heels seem a bit pesky

she disowns them at once,

basking in her autumn

she unlearns her lessons

in bits and remnants-

riding in her glory

buzzing through the zephyr,

humming her own sweet melody,

laughing at her dim-witted

perception of existence

she knew so far-

the autumn leaf lands at her feet

and she lifts it up,

with a steady intent look

she beams in admiration

and absolute love...

By Nandini Sengupta


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Abhay Tripathi
Abhay Tripathi
Sep 26, 2022

A beautiful and thoughtful piece that contained within it a range of emotions. It's like you never stopped writing. Loved it!


Sep 24, 2022

Well penned Ms talented story writer 😊👌🏻

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