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  • Nandini Sengupta


Updated: Apr 1, 2022

When I brought the potted plant home

Only its hypnotic aroma was known.

I never knew it blooms in dark

When other flowers leave off their mark.

For months several branches grew

Now it's a climber, along with the crew.

Through my glass door, I behold

The white flowers, at night, unfold.

Their unalloyed beauty if you glance

Revives the old-world romance.

Images of women adorning these flowers

Surface my mind charming their lovers.

Its destination is still unforeseen

But the magical journey makes me keen.

Their nectars make butterflies swoon

They smile bright under the moon.

As you keep the flowers on your palm

Draw in their scent in a state of full calm,

They cast a spell on your olfactory sense

And transport you to a realm intense.

By Nandini Sengupta



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