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  • Nandini Sengupta

A letter to Earth

Dear Earth,

As we sweep our feet on your soil

The dark brown soil, sometimes rusty or pitchy

The variety speaks for itself -

There is indeed unity in diversity.

You cradle us to a tranquil slumber

When we recline on you after hard toil;

You alleviate our pinching aches

While sustaining the whole human race.

When you are soggy after a downpour,

Creating puddles for croaking frogs

And children alike

For the sake of sheer merriment;

They reminisce us the paper boats

We often put to sail

To destinations obscure.

Lush green valleys on your bed

In stark contrast to parched broken lands;

The delicate stalk of Petunia

Pitted against the thorny stem of Cactus;

There is a wholeness of creation

In both beauty and ugliness.

Nourishing your dwellers selflessly

While your people are waging wars

In pursuit of momentary sovereignty.

Roots of saplings find paths through you,

You show the way to a wandering pilgrim.

You are our dear mother,

To you shall we merge;

Showering infinite love and care

Balancing the entirety in full dare.

From one of your inhabitants...

#The speciality of this poetry is that with every stanza one line is getting erased. This poem is my salutation to Mother Earth.

@ Nandini Sengupta

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Jul 21, 2021

Fabulous and out of the world poetry

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