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  • Nandini Sengupta

Again shall I rise

From the ashes shall I reborn

Like the phoenix will I rise-

Through the crevices of my heart

Shall divine light abide.

My sorrows are my gains

For they endow me with strength;

Falling apart while I grow

In the path of freedom, I flow,

Mind so clouded with fears

From there shall courage alight-

Across the enormous sea of doubt

A distant ship of hope will ply.

Huge spirals of waves

Daring to engulf all,

The spirit must sail through

Tending the heart's desire.

Wings on fire with dreams ablaze-

Embers drawing forth

Must keep me flying.

Through forests of uncertainty

I transgress trodden paths;

Fashioned and forged

Chiseled and gleamed

I prepare to search

My true inner being.

A purpose is all we need

In our way of life

This pertains us a sense

Of being really alive-

A tiny stone can create

Ripples in a stagnant water

A single beam of light

Can illuminate a dark corner.

Do count the small steps

They do matter in the long run

For however small they seem

You have taken them with a mighty heart.

If nothing else,

I am that burning lamp

By the edge of the door.

# An inspirational poem about never giving up in life...

@Nandini Sengupta

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