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  • Nandini Sengupta


When everything seems

meaningless and rubble,

when you are floating

in a bubble,

consider you are in trouble.

When the heart denies the

working of your mind,

even when you feel

it's not right,

let yourself know

you are in love-light.

Save from falling

when you hear the call

if you dare at all!

Mysterious it is

for none know

it's enigma of origin,

how it appears

and then disappears!

Traces of it are

left all over

it will take you ages

before you finish

to gather them ever.

It's a respite for none

for every soul, it runs

when it befalls, thereon-

The fire within

refuses to douse

when sleep deprives you

and you confront knockouts,

do keep yourself stout

while the sapling sprouts.

For your heart is innocent

dreams of benevolence,

fortunate are you

if repaid in balance.

If the bubble bursts

and the void is known,

never despise your dream,

remember My Love

it all started Within.

By Nandini Sengupta


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