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  • Nandini Sengupta

Nucleus of Life

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The day I took her in my folded arms,

The moment I set my gaze on hers,

The magical fairy took my breath away-

Forever and ever and ever...

Her twinkling eyes, her captivating smile,

Kept me going all the while.

Her bawling, sometimes, made me uneasy-

For countless sleepless nights...

Loving and forgiving have never been so easy,

Unless her clamor throws you dizzy.

Her doe eyes- alluring and innocent,

Keep staring at you in awe and astonishment...

Her lips, reminisce me of strawberries-

Freshly plucked from the greeneries...

On her nose, resides huge displeasure,

Calmed with the warmth of embrace in full measure..

God has been ever kind and benevolent,

When he laid his hands on me,

I became a mother

And she the Princess of my dreams...

By Nandini Sengupta


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1 comentario

14 jul 2020

Beautifully written. I know the feelings 😍😍

Me gusta
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