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  • Nandini Sengupta


A deep-seated angst unsettles her.

She has so much to say-

Yet words refuse to betray her.

A train of thoughts and paucity of words--

Reluctance in speech, pitted against deep insanity.

She tries to go verbatim as her thoughts,

Yet there is dearth of legible words.

She refuses to use those three words,

They are too cliched and over worked-

To encompass her palpable pause.

Carefree she was with her way of life,

Hardly she knew what awaited her after a while...

Many a times she refused

To acknowledge her inner conflict,

That made her variable and idiotic.

The wayward gale outside her place

Reflected her inner predicament.

She was too intimidated to reveal her inner self.

Prejudices, judgements and disapprovals

Might overwhelm her.

IT was too sacred to depart her...

@Nandini Sengupta.

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