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  • Nandini Sengupta

Breaking Free

Let me break the rules for a day

Let me run in a slow motion

like that in a movie

Let me fly in a parachute

on one rainy day

Let me slide through the stream

rowing in a canoe

Let me break the sameness

being so normal everyday

Let my hair love my countenance

as they swipe through the wild winds

Let me make some hilarious mistakes

after being always rightfully right

Let me think of those bluebirds

I read about it in my storybooks

chirping their tales of love

Let me hide behind that wall

I lost note of in years

Let me dive into the whirlpool

of perpetual happiness

Let me remember those friends

I lost touch through the years

Let me dance at the midnight

tapping the wrong foot

invisible to the critic's eyes

Let me write a poetry

out of rhythm and space

Let me break myself free

from my own meshes

Let me allow the air to

seep into my whole being

as I Break Free

with my Broken Wings...

By Nandini Sengupta


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