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  • Nandini Sengupta

The Incognito

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The irreconcilable distance

traversed from the

known to the unknown,

familiar faces turning strange,

the ink which once dotted the reality

is now only a faded tale.

Those unending talks and

the bickering of the beloved,

those unmet promises

begetting unrestrained hopes,

that long-awaited rendezvous

is entwined in ropes.

The frenzy, once part of being,

are lost in the artist's canvas-

which he now paints with

colors of heal and laughter.

What is the truth? he lingers on-

the source or the creation

that made it all?

Was it just an illusion

or a dream which never was-

with every step, doubt spills forth.

Loving thy life he moves on-

those moments are but memories,

those pains are lessons learned from.

He accepts it with dignified calm

within the recesses of his heart,

the unknown is all known,

the distance more intimate,

the journey is more peaceful now.

By Nandini Sengupta

@metaphors_of _life

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