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  • Nandini Sengupta

All for a ride

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Yesterday, in the evening, I went for a pillion ride on a scooter with my friend. It's been a long time since I had been part of a trip on a two-wheeler. The scooter zoomed through the roads, slowed down while taking turns, and then screeched while it stopped near a street food outlet.

We decided to gorge on some as we were famished. We savored pani puri and papri chaat, devouring them as if we had not eaten them ever. I must say they were delectably spicy and mouth-watering. After that, we went to one open ground nearby with intermittent grasses spread throughout. The vacant plot was waiting for the multi-storied to be built on it. No construction work had yet been started but a billboard bearing the name of the builder was shining through the darkness which just set in. The soil was yellowish and dusty at most of the places; it often took its course along with the wind.

We sat near a small outgrowth and talked our hearts out, not having met since she had changed her neighborhood. It was already dark and our tete-a-tete was not yet over.

"I think you should start talking to him. It's already been three days," I suggested.

"But how could I? First, he should apologize," she grimaced.

"Again you have started that same vicious cycle," I retorted as I passed an annoying look while adjusting the edges of my shirt tucked into my jeans. "Today you are going to talk to him and solve this silly matter altogether."

Both of us stood to leave the place as we were getting late.

"Well, I will try but..." her words trailing off into the air as she started her scooter, rumbling out of the dusty land. I was in two minds, thinking whether to sit putting my legs across or to one side. Every time I ride a bike or a scooter, this question crosses my mind. As the vehicle zipped through the air, I felt like flying my scarf into the air like a filmy heroine but then dropped the idea since that might irate my friend. She was on a mission- going to do something she had never done before.

She had an altercation with her husband three days back. They have a pet dog. The dog fell ill due to food poisoning. First, her husband accused her of not giving a proper diet to the concerned pet. She immediately retaliated and the argument went on for hours. Only when they had come to a truce on this point, the second problem crept in-- who would take the dog to the vet? Eventually, my friend had to take it to the clinic and since then she had not been talking to her husband.

I really don't know whether she would take in my suggestions but I was enjoying the ride to the full--

through the air, I fly

humming a song

of clouds and spring,

and then I remember

my pressure cooker

is still on the oven


By Nandini Sengupta


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3 comentarios

11 nov 2021

Hopefully the oven was off

Me gusta

09 nov 2021


Me gusta

09 nov 2021

A thoroughly enjoyable and hilarious read. The reading experience was like discussing amusing anecdotes with an old friend. The writing style is conversational and relatable, making it for an effortless read. The question regarding the correct way to ride pillion evoked a laughter and made me wonder if every woman faces a similar dilemma. All in all, a lovely little anecdote that brings a smile on the reader's face. Brilliantly done, Nandini... Your journey as a writer continues, leaving behind such artistic milestones.

Me gusta
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