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  • Nandini Sengupta

On languages- mirror to the soul

At once understood and misunderstood-- the words once let out of the box, assimilates into the universe- can work wonders and also cause thunders. Language is a miraculous weapon to be meticulously studied and effortlessly put out.

In spite of blabbering, munching and crafting them, a whole lot of our inner workings are left to be explained and understood...words seem inadequate, time inconsequential, the inner space still occupied with those unspoken sounds...

The universe is said to be created out of a sound, sounds led to words and words to meanings- all by humans- they twisted and maneuvered it according to their lack and abundance-gave rise to several languages- all sounds in different spaces and time zones.

The rhythm of a laughter, emitting such joyful vibrations need no words- the sound says it all...a child looking with bewitching eyes can only emanate love- such are wordless words, even language seems irrelevant...

Once in the heart, out of the mouth and into the lover's eyes- the language of love- most of them heard, less is said and a whole lot to be understood with time. At times when everything seems out of place, these words come as a rescue-one must know when to speak and where to pause, when to hold on and where to let go...the inner voice knows it all.

As aptly said, knowing a language opens a whole new window of the mind, explores a whole new thought- words roll out of the book, we need to catch those henceforth. A new tongue, a new nation with a whole new mirror of life, a mirror we never knew existed- dusted, explored and admired- a reflection of the new self-raw and promising...

"Circular or rectangular

it doesn't bother,

need to reflect the

Real Me;

Traversing the barriers

of any language,

either of the heart

or the mind,

Stand true to

the words spoken

into my eyes-

mirroring my Soul

to Me..."

By Nandini Sengupta


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