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  • Nandini Sengupta

Echo of the mountains...

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

On the top of a hill

In drizzling rains, I stand

Arms stretched out

I pine to have all

But drops slip by;

On the precipice of a mountain

When a piper plays the flute

His tune reminds us

Of days lost in a dispute...

Mountains are what I seek- a sacred seat where my heart resides. A deep sense of calmness and belongingness pervades them as I behold them intently.

A haven of infinite consciousness and awareness- aware of being alive, a true sense of being one with nature-twittering of birds, chattering of monkeys, squeaking of squirrels, chirping of crickets, and dancing of the leaves as they fall from the trees.

The vast meadows where sheep graze and the shepherd calls after them as they stray away...the rains drenching the smiling grass as heaven unites with earth. Snows overlapping the trees and mountains with blankets of protective love...the breezy wind that shivers your spine, the lofty pines and deodars that look upon you with heartfelt wishes are all part of Mother Nature...

The roaring of our zeal and enthusiasm of ascension of the mountain peaks, the jutted rocks where we falter and get wounded and then resurrect again with new vigor as we continue our voyage ahead. The perils of life that nature throws at us also act as a healer- opening our eyes to remain alert and enjoy at the same time.

Mountains beckon me, they travel in my dreams...the long rides through the roads that bend at uncertain angles, bringing both surprises and uncertainty is a reflection of life itself.

The tinted shade of the disc of fire as they illumine the peaks of snow-capped ranges is no less than a wonder. The clouds fly down onto the lakes whispering tales of love; fog translating a dazed vision of illusion of human life on earth, are all but messages of the Universe. The birds that fly away to far-off places in search of some hidden treasure rings in a sense of tranquility in the cobalt sky...

I dream of joining them one fine day, a day when nothing will matter, no worries, no cares, no chores to finish...when I will be in an absolute state of bliss lying on the dew-covered valley, staring at the sky for hours on end, basking in the glory of being united with the cosmos- the gigantic space where countless stars sing at night the song of love and longing...

From nature, we are born

Unto shall we retire

Thorns of our journey

Are but pauses

To unite with the divine...

By Nandini Sengupta


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