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  • Nandini Sengupta

Rain of my dreams

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

A rainy day sparks a host of memories...from my school days till now.

Rains are formed when clouds become dense and dark...when they cannot hold the water within anymore...drops of water travel down the human eyes as well...sometimes in joy, other times in sorrow...

Rain is the harbinger of love, passion, ecstasy, romance, hope, and abundance... an abundance of greenery, beauty, and a state of calmness and bliss...

Rain is poetry in motion...singing the song of all its essence...dancing in ecstasy... unanimously showering love...

When in school, we would often wade through vast stretches of water in the inundated roads till we could reach our buses...I never really enjoyed them but became a pro at handling a rainy day--took off my school shoes and slipped into slippers, either wearing a raincoat or taking an umbrella, depending upon the intensity of the rainfall...Water reached my knees...I almost felt like a duck, with a missing beak and feathers.

Now, I enjoy rain more from the vicinity of my balcony...drops of rain splatter on the railings and then fall off onto the ground...My daughter often stretches out her hand in total exhilaration and joy. I stand as a spectator drawing in the scent of nature in its purest form- with time, I have learned to stay calm and enjoy in silence-listen to sounds that I would not hear otherwise-to observe the workings around me as they unfold-to let things as they are...

Here in the North rains are quite erratic. Sometimes, it rains heavily for days, while at other times it's quite hot and humid.

Rain has its own brings both expectancy and incertitude-the basic realities of life-bringing bountiful surprises and uncalculated risks...both having its beauty and learning in the process...

Rain is the story of two lovers, Heaven and Earth uniting after a long spell of separation...a deep inner sense of fulfillment, pure joy, and absolute love. The earth is gratified as the rain percolates through it and quenches its thirst, brings it alive from a dormant state. Just the way love is...

As the drops dribble on my neck

On my arms and then my fingers

Slowly onto my legs and tows

It again merges with itself

While landing on the floor;

From Him are we born

Into this world

Unto Him shall we retire

After the day's work...

@ Nandini Sengupta

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Aug 14, 2021

Fabulous… Reminds me of my own school days. Also during heavy rain at the start of school hours we used to get declared “RAINY DAY” when we enjoyed whole day as holiday..

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